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»» Staff
Risk prevention is our major priority. We maintain a 24h/day supervision of all our participants in order to provide assistance in any and all situations (whether during activities as at nighttime, for example). All of our staff is fully trained (and certified) and committed to provide the best experience ever to their participants. First aid course is mandatory as well as a caring and altruist personality.

»» Health and Insurance
Alpine Summer Camp Switzerland Accidents Insurance covers all participants in all cases of accidents that may occur during Alpine Summer Camp activities, but not in a disease problem (like flu for example). Therefore, we advise all participants to bring their Health European Card or Insurance Health Card with them. However, if the participants owns an international personal insurance, it overlaps ours being their insurance the one to be activated.
Our monitors are certified with a first aid course, so for superficial and small accidents they take action in place. When a major or something more serious happens, participants are taken to the Medical Clinic at Kandersteg (open 24h/day), and from there, when needed, to Frutigen Hospital (15min by car from Alpine Summer Camp).

»» Risk Assessment ,Safety Protocols and Technical Equipment Inventory
Because sometimes common sense is not enough to avoid accidents, all our activities are designed with a risk assessment and safety protocols that all staff members need to know.
All our technical equipment is identified with a serial number, supplier, date of acquisition and estimated life period and it's submitted to a regular control check.

»» Hygiene Control Plan
All our kitchen and food storage is working according the HACCP rules making sure that the safety of our camp participants is not compromised. Also daily, weekly and monthly Cleaning Protocols guarantee the hygiene in our facilities and devices.

»» Fire Alarm System
Fulfilling all the needed requisitions about fire prevention by law, Simplon House and Kanderhütte are equipped with a modern fire alarm system, fire extinguishers, fire hoses, emergency escape plans and all the detailed information for firefighters and responsible entities.

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