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Alpine Summer Camp Switzerland organizes different kinds of trips according to each school requirements and purposes. Our monitors supervise all participants in a ratio 1:8-10, 24 hours/day. We welcome children since they are 6 to 19 years old, from all over the world, and school trips take place throughout all year! Our programs are calculated for a minimum of 10 participants until 16 years old. Activities and cost adjustments will be made according to the final participants number and chosen program.

Why are school trips important? 
Alpine Summer Camp Switzerland activities promote sharing moments and unique experiences during our participants stay. We guarantee to all our participants unforgettable and important days, that will remain forever in their lives.
In addition to all of this, during our school programs, teachers are reunited with their students in a different environment, which helps to grow their relationship stronger. It’s an excellent opportunity to join educational contents and fun/entertainment, while developing class and team spirit.

Are flights included? 
Flights are not included, as well as VISA or PASSPORT fees.

How to reach us?
Alpine Summer Camp Switzerland is located at Kandersteg, a traditional alpine village, 30 minutes from the Capital city - Bern (german speaking region).
Swiss schools can reach us by train at Kandersteg train station or use their own means to reach us. When travelling by train, our team will be waiting for you at the train station, welcoming you to Kandersteg.
For schools outside Switzerland, we advise to book your flights to Geneva, Bern or Zurich Airport, arriving on the first flight in the morning and departing on the last flight in the afternoon on the departure day. Alpine Summer Camp Switzerland team will provide your transfer to Kandersteg, and we'll be waiting for you at the airport, welcoming you to Switzerland. Transfers can be made by train or van.

Where do participants and chaperones sleep?
Alpine Summer Camp Switzerland is based at Simplon House, a privately owned chalet with one hundred years of history. Next to it, and separated only by a green space/garden, is our smaller wood house – Kanderhütte.
We accommodate participants in 2-9 beds rooms. Boys and girls are separated by floors and accommodated in comfortable wooden bunk-beds. Chaperones can have individual rooms, depending on the availability, or stay in the same room, also divided by gender. Note: Our house is not exclusive for one group, depending on the group number, please contact us to know more.

Where and what do they eat?
Homemade meals are served in our dining room. As we deal with different participants from all over the world, our menus are fully adapted to each group. We try to follow their school menus so they don't feel much of a difference. Food restrictions are not a problem for us (this information must be sent to our office 15 days before the beginning of the trip). If you wish to receive a previous menu before the trip starts, please let us know and we can design it together.

What to bring?
Trousers, Coat (for the evenings), Raincoat, Underwear, Pajamas, T-shirts, Fleece Jumpers, Shorts, Swimsuit / swimming shorts (if applied), Bath and beach towels (If your program includes water related activities), Flip-flops, Sneakers, Sleeping bag (if asked to), Toiletries, Backpack (34 to 45 L), Boots, Sunscreen, Canteen, Hat, Lanterns 

For Ski Camps - All the above plus:
Ski jacket, Waterproof pants and jacket, Climbing bottoms, Goggles, Sun glasses, Woolly hat/Beanie and scarves, Ski socks, Waterproof gloves and fleecy gloves, Climbing boots 

Important remarks:
The ASC advises not to bring valuable objects. The ASC is not to be held responsible by the loss or damage of any valuable objects if they are not handed in to the group coordinator at the start of the program;
ASC recommends you to bring practical and comfortable clothing and the use of sunscreen and hat. You should always identify/tag your belongings.
Safety & Staff
Risk prevention is our major priority. We maintain a 24h/day supervision of all our participants in order to provide assistance in any and all situations (whether during activities as at nighttime, for example). All of our staff is fully trained (and certified) and committed to provide the best experience ever to their participants. First aid course is mandatory as well as a caring and altruist personality.

Health & Insurance
Alpine Summer Camp Switzerland Accidents Insurance covers all participants in all cases of accidents that may occur during activities, but not in a disease problem (like flu, for example). Therefore, we advise all participants to bring their European Health Card or Insurance Health Card with them. However, if the participant owns an international personal insurance, it overlaps ours, being the participants insurance the one to be activated.
Alpine Summer Camp has a first aid office, open 24h/day. Our monitors are certified with a first aid course, so for superficial and small accidents they take action in place. When something more serious happens, participants are taken to the Medical Clinic at Kandersteg (open 24h/day), and from there, when needed, to Frutigen Hospital (15min by car from Alpine Summer Camp).

When and how can parents contact their children?
The group leader must give parents a phone number in case they want to contact their son or daughter, but only within specific schedules (6pm to 9pm). In case of emergency, parents can always contact the staff coordinator all time or our offices between 8am and 6pm.

For more information please contact our offices anytime.
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