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Blausee | Italy | Germany | France | Austria | Bern | Zurich | Europa Park


Our location in Kandersteg and its surrounding areas offer the best options for those who like challenges, nature, mountains and sports. However, during the months of October to December and March to May, some areas and places are closed. Due to that, we decided to focus on tours around Switzerland and international trips on those months, to places like:

Europa Park - Germany 
Venice - Italy 
Milan - Italy 
Ferrari Museum in Modena - Italy 
Munich - Germany 
Swarovski Crystal World in Innsbruck - Austria 
Colmar - France 
Strasbourg - France 

And, obviously, Swiss cities and villages like Interlaken, Geneva, Bern, Zurich or Blausee.

AND MUCH, MUCH MORE! Please contact us; We customize a program according to your students' needs and school wishes!
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