On behalf of HIS – Bahrain, I would like to sincerely thank Alpine Summer Camp staff members for their positive energy, hospitality and care. I really appreciate their endless efforts and patience in order to make our 1 week stay in Switzerland and Milan an unforgettable experience for our beloved students.  
The understanding and cooperation they showed in making some positive changes of the daily schedule is an excellent evidence of their professionalism level.
A special thank you should go to Mr. Luis (ASC Operations Manager) for being kind enough to change the schedule and to follow up personally on everything.

GEMS World Academy, Switzerland

We had a very good week in Kandersteg! The students very much enjoyed the week and so did the teachers. Luis and his team were excellent guides and made it really fun for the kids, very energetic and very positive and the location and accommodation were excellent for this type of trip, very easy access. Food was simple but varied and good. Good ratio 7:1 plus 3 teachers. Great team-building games to start the week. Piano and guitar, board games, cards were accessible during all free times for student, to play, which kept many interested, even during electronic times, many chose non-electronic options :) Students seemed to really enjoy the dance on the final night, with just their grade alone, they felt more comfortable letting go. Campfire option during the dance was great for the few not dancing.
That being said I cannot stress how wonderful and talented the team was in making sure all students were safe, well supported and having a great time. Thanks so much for everything as it really was a fantastic experience for everyone.

Al Manar International School, Qatar

Alpine Summer Camp let our staff and our students speechless and turned us into story tellers. This week spent in Switzerland and Italy is a week that we will never forget. From the Alps to Milan, we experienced and learned many new things. Our week would not have been possible without the amazing camp and its extravagant camp leaders. The camp felt like a home, safe and cozy. We and the camp leaders shared many laughs, dances, games, lessons, and now we all share a friendship. Our journey has not only taught us how to hike, but also taught us that family doesn't only come from blood but from the heart and we want to thank the staff for showing us wonderful hospitality. Throughout all our life experiences, nothing adds up to the beautiful view of the snow hugging the mountains and the wonderful staff showing us how culture is really defined. Alpine Summer Camp taught our students things that can't be taught in school. Thank you!


Alhekma International School, Bahrain

Our trip was amazing and we all enjoyed. I would like to thank the team of Alpine summer camp for their professionalism and the flexibility they showed in making some positive changes in order to make our kids happy. The team were so helpful and sweet, their company was helpful and we had too much fun because of them.
Thank you so much for the lovely experience. 

Riffa Views International School, Bahrain

The consensus is everything was great. Staff was fantastic and strong but fun with the kids. Gave us, teachers, a lot of time off. Facilities are great and activities were great and tiring for the kids! 

Universal American School,  United Arabic Emirates (Dubai)

Consistently positive attitude of the staff – the kids loved everyone. Staff provided supervision and entertainment from wake-up to bed time which was greatly appreciated by the school chaperones.
The food was excellent
Our student injury was very well handled. Particularly impressive was how quickly ASC was in contact with the parent. Care after the injury was exceptional.

International School of Prague, Czech Republic

Thank you very much for providing such a memorable experience for our students and the teachers as well. Swiss Science & Sights, how we called the trip, was one of the highlights of our Upper School Week Without Walls Program. You designed a great program that was educational but still very playful and could keep attention of our students. You provided great support right from the first minute of the trip, took extremely good care of us, provided everything we needed and were flexible to accommodate all our requests (not always an easy ones) and adapt the program when necessary. We even had an emergency with a lost passport and you really went out of your way to help us with this situation. On top of everything you worked very nicely with our kids. We would be delighted to come again. 
Also, the feedback from our students to this trip is really among one of the best rated trips :-)

Windrose Academy, Egypt

It was wonderful to be able to spend 5 days at Alpine Summer Camp and many of the students want to go back – if they could, they would go back tomorrow!!
Highlights: • Flexibility of staff at all times; • Genuine interest in students; • Good rapport with students; • Willingness to do anything for us (both staff and students); • Day time activities – fun, enjoyable whilst developed important skills in the students. Many thanks again for a wonderful trip, the camp was amazing and we appreciate all the hard work, effort and dedication that goes into running the camp and thank all the staff at Alpine Summer Camp for all their work.
 Emily Garvey, Vice Principal 

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Switzerland

We had a fantastic time and the staff worked so beautifully with our children, it was excellent. Having the staff always present and helping with the children, and their parents, made it the least stressful school trip I have ever been on. Wonderful!
 Alise King, English Teacher

We got back yesterday from the Alpine Summer Camp exhausted but very happy.
I wanted to say thank you so much for a fantastic experience. The children really did enjoy themselves and the programme was great. I cannot speak highly enough of the staff. The three guides we had Luis, Paulo and Chrissy were so helpful, warm and kind, energetic and hardworking, and we felt in very safe hands, very nice people! They adapted the programme perfectly for the weather and how tired the children were. The children loved all of them and were sad to say goodbye. Also compliments to Dona Lourdes the cook. Lovely food (and nice to have a little Portuguese twist here and there!) I would recommend the Alpine Summer Camp to anyone. Thank you again
Alison Gore, Year 1 Class Teacher

Geneva English School, Switzerland

The children and the G.E.S staff had a wonderful week at Hotel  Simplon.  The chalet was very comfortable and the staff warm and  welcoming.  The program was adapted to our needs and gave us the  kind of experience we were looking for. 

Institut Le Rosey, Switzerland

We had a great time! The staff were great and our students had lot's of fun. 

Al Ittihad Private School (Al Ain), United Arab Emirates

Thank you so much for everything. Thank you ASC team for your hospitality and understanding. You are so lovely and tolerated our students' demands and nags. I can't thank you enough for everything! 

Zurich International School, Switzerland

The kids had an amazing time and parents were pleased with all the photos, memories, and experiences that the kids came home and shared with them. The hiking up, around, and down from the Oeschinensee was great. The kids were able to run free, have fun. 


TASIS - The American School in Switzerland

We were all in agreement that it was a great experience. We felt that it was very well planned, there was a great variety of activities, both in and outdoors and also the weather conditions were catered for. The disco was talked about the whole bus ride home! We teachers felt that the orienteering hike was a wonderful experience to teach the children about using maps/nature/problem solving skills. The staff that worked with the children were professional and we all felt they were a great fit for our year level. Luis was outstanding leading the group, he has a wonderful approach with kids. The food was outstanding....please pass on our thanks to the kitchen staff. All in all, the trip was a wonderful end to our year. I thank you and the team for your care towards our children, making this a lovely memory for them to finish elementary school on. We look forward to returning! -
Ms. Kim Goldsworthy, Grade 5 Teacher

International Christian School - Hong Kong

The ASC team made the trip very enjoyable. They were personable, relatable, and interacted very well with our students. They always made sure our needs were met, and they did a great job of serving our students and teachers. I was very impressed and happy with the entire team. Great job! Our students had a good time on the trip. It was a good learning experience. We hope to be able to come back.


TASIS - The American School in England, United Kingdom

It was very positive experience. I highlight the professionalism and engagement of the staff in Kandersteg and their flexibility to adapt the program according to weather conditions and the students' needs. 

International School Winterthur, Switzerland

The students had a great time in your Camp! Thank you so much to you all!

Lake Leman International School, Switzerland


Your staff is ace and full of energy. Great sense of humour, excellent relationship with the students, great enthusiasm. They made our stay go from good to great. The food was brilliant, especially the soups. The fact that it is a small resort is great for children.

Heidelberg International School - Germany

Some initial resistance to ice-breakers, but actually a great idea.   Loved being in the forest - well organized and safe space. Yogurt workshop: Great activity. Very good concept, as it teaches students about business and dealing with money. Pizza Workshop: Great fun - everyone had to have a painted moustache. Students really enjoyed this.

International School Central Switzerland, Switzerland

I just wanted to say thank you from ISOCS. We all had a fantastic time and look forward to future camps with Alpine Summer Camp!


Abdulaziz International School - Saudi Arabia

Our stay was lovely, we enjoyed the place and its lovely weather. The councelors were terrific and they played a big role in the girls' lives. 
 Thank you for making us enjoy the Swiss Experience. The ASC team is just amazing and we really felt like home. Thank you again.

The British School of Geneva, Switzerland

Our stay went very well! The weather did ASC team was excellent. Really, very, very good - both kind and professional at the same time. So the kids had a good time and will have good memories. See you next year! 


​Cycle d'orientation des Voirets, Switzerland

According to teachers and students, the camp was very successful and I imagine that we will come back next year. Let me thank all the team for their kindness and their professionalism.

Schulen Baar, Switzerland

Hello Alpine Summer Camp. I would like to thank you one more time for your great help and effort and your special way for making the “Polylager 2015” an unforgettable week. 

International School of Schaffhausen, Switzerland

The excursion to the hut was a highlight of the trip.The activities were well organised and staff courteous.

Inter-Community School Zurich, Switzerland

We would also like to thank Alpine Summer Camp for providing such a warm welcome. The students all had a fabulous time! Your team was always so full of energy, never had such good care taken of us! We really did have a great week with the programme!

Kumon Leysin American School, Switzerland

Our students had a wonderful time! The trip was a huge success!
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