Simplon House History

History is not a thing of the past. It belongs to you too.

"When we first arrived to Simplon house and spent the night in the office, a closet caught our attention! Inside, among other things, a shoebox covered in dust!
... we stayed awake all night watching old photos! Imagining all the guests that stayed in this hotel before, wondering how long this house will stay in here, realizing that we're just passing by...
Realizing that we're just a small part of the history but even so, it belongs also to us and we want you to be part of it!"

First built with the purpose to serve as accommodation for the italian engineers of the Lötschberg tunnel, this house was born in the year of 1906.

Later transformed into a Hotel, it had good and bad moments in the hands of several different owners.

Now, the house of Alpine Summer Camp is being restored and adapted to a new chapter of its history.
If you love mountains and nature and would like to experience a little bit of the swiss mountain culture, don't hesitate to come visit us!
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